Pay-per-click, also known as (PPC), (SEM) and Google AdWords advertising is a type of online marketing that allows advertisers to place a search ad across common search engines (SERPS) such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Ads can be placed at the top of these popular keyword searches to try and capture the attention of your audience and direct the visitor to your website. An effective PPC advertising campaign looks at every detail including, but not limited to, the keywords we are bidding on, message we are conveying to capture the attention of your audience, the time of the day we are placing the ad throughout the week, the location of where the ads will be placed and geographic location targeting, the cost and placement of the bid, changing the bid cost working around your competitors (using the Firefly algorithm), as well as other advanced features and management that goes into a successful PPC advertising campaign. All of course within your designated budget!


PPC campaigns are designed for immediate results. We can measure and track all of those results, which means they can be easily rolled out, as long as we have an idea of an acceptable cost per lead and cost per acquisition in mind. SEM Advertising ads are the first set of results on a Google search, and therefore should not be dismissed as an acceptable and long-term strategy for business growth. Google are constantly updating new features for advertisers to help improve the quality of searches for both the searcher and the advertiser. With new campaigns such as Google Shopping, which can direct consumers directly to a purchase on a Google search and can even allow you to have 2 Ads on one page, Google AdWords is a highly effective way of generating new business.


Firefly brings technology to the digital market so you can stay ahead of your competitors. The algorithm is designed for precision bidding accuracy and is called a “predictive algorithm”. A predictive algorithm can understand the search market and also focuses budget on what is driving real results, delivering more clicks at a lower cost. We make changes to the bidding auction every 30 minutes for each keyword and can make up to 40,000 bid adjustments a month! All designed to maximise your online result within the same budget.


Our PPC company provide monthly reports with statistics on how your campaign is tracking, along with a real-time reporting platform showing you what is important to you, and giving you vital information at any time. This includes all costs, website traffic and impressions, click through rate, average position, top performing ads and keywords, geographical information, device type performance and conversion tracking. Leads in the way of phone calls, sales, emails and web forms are captured as well, giving you all the vital signs of your digital performance. The most transparent digital marketing in New Zealand.


We are well versed in digital marketing, have the expertise and the staff who are certified in Google AdWords and Google Analytics, with years of experience across 100’s of different industries. We pair our expert knowledge, and use best practices in the industry, while constantly up-skilling our staff to ensure your campaign has the latest features and marketing insight available throughout. Manual care and optimisation are constantly needed for successful campaigns, and we continually spend time across our accounts to ensure your success. No “cookie-cutter” approaches here.


With regular campaign audits, restructures and routine checks, you can be confident your campaign and business are well taken care of. All of our Google AdWords specialists are in-house, PPC Auckland experts based in New Zealand so we can provide feedback in real time to our clients, and act promptly on time. Don’t deal with companies that outsource the work, that set and forget a campaign and try to confuse with marketing jargon. Deal with the “doers” and leaders in search who speak results.


Firefly is a specialist pay per click marketing services (Google Adwords) company, that specialises in generating results for businesses online through the way of pay-per-click (Commonly known as PPC) ads (Google Adwords). Firefly has NZ’s most advanced search system with a custom built algorithm and tracking system and the results speak for themselves. Our (PPC) Pay-per-click management company offers advanced online advertising which is a critical requirement for all businesses with a web presence.


Search engines such as Google, Yahoo! & Bing cover 97%* of where kiwis search online. Our advertising services are a highly effective way of getting more relevant and qualified traffic to your website. Our clever campaign managers paired with our never sleeping algorithm and optimisation technology are working together to bring you more customers online. Other pay-per-click agencies focus on brand awareness but Firefly looks at the big picture of what you are trying to achieve and get you into positive faster.


The effective campaign builds start with a discovery session with a Firefly consultant to understand your business. What opportunities does your business have to promote through search marketing? What makes your business special and helps you stand out from the crowd? What type of customers would you like to attract? Once we have spent time understanding your business we can then create a tailored package that suits your focus, growth goals and budget. From there we get to work with research, award-winning campaign creation using our own methodology followed by reporting and tracking setup to track your results. The process is seamless and takes us up to 2 weeks to complete, ready for you to go live and start generating results.

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