There are many names for “Image Ads” or, Display advertising, GDN advertising, Display banners and the list goes on. Display Advertising is advertising through visually designed banners, flash or even text that fit the as specification space. Like a billboard but online, they are great for building brands and getting your message across in a creative way. They are also highly cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising and are a great option when paired with another campaign.


In real-time we will bid for ad placements that are relevant to your target audience. Different targeting techniques include contextual targeting through keywords and topics relevant to what your potential customer may be searching for on the internet, managed placements for specific websites we want your ad to be shown that are highly relevant to your audience (example a sports brand might want to target the sport section of the New Zealand Herald as this is highly relevant) and also through remarketing code installed on your website (which tracks potential customers who have gone to your website then leave, and then follows them around with targeted image ads throughout the internet). Your Display banner ads are created in different sizes by our creative team. We can do still image ads, animated image ads, HTML image ads. Ad placements can be at the top, side, or bottom of a website dependant on the size of the media space available to us.


The Google Display Network (GDN) can help customers build brand awareness effectively, to convey a marketing message to a very targeted market. Having presence online can build trust with your potential customers big time, making your brand naturally become top of mind. Banner ads can help build demand, can drive an action whether that’s through enquiry or a direct purchase, and can help increase website traffic dramatically. Digital display advertising is a cost-effective way of generating traffic to your website compared to your other alternatives such as billboard or television advertising. Place your brand in the areas where people are actually looking and get noticed online!


The Google Display Network lets advertisers create and place text, image, interactive and video ads across websites that are highly relevant to what you are selling. Firefly has access to millions of different websites through the Google Display Network. Display banners can capture the attention of your audience, showcasing your products in a highly effective and visual way building trust, brand awareness, and return on investment. Firefly can place your ads on a variety of news, shopping, and niche websites across the internet including Trade Me, NZ Herald, YouTube etc. Pair display advertising with search advertising to drive better performance together.


We offer advanced online display advertising services, creating campaigns from to including the creatives in all different available sizes (8 Image sizes) to fit desktop, mobile and tablet media placements. We also create the campaign and target the placements depending on what your goals are and main focus of the campaign is. We will highlight your value proposition, your brand position or voice to your audience to capture your customer’s attention and drive them to your website to take action!

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